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A very funny day ..

Today, for the first time, I was called to the principal's office. It was a very special day for me.
I am going to tell you this extraordinary day.
This morning, as usual, Iwoke up very early. It was maybe seven o'clock. When I was walking to school, I saw a very beautiful toyshop. Behind the glass, I saw plenty of amazing dolls. I must have stayed for 5 minutes in frontof the shop window.
So, since I was early for school, I decided to think about what I would ask as a birthday present.
Then, I don't really know why, I decided to steal the biggest dolls which wasat the top of the shelf. I glanced at the shop, took my courage in my both hands and suddenly I hid the doll in my long coat. Then, I left the shop. At first, I was thinking that nobody had seen me.As I entered the playground, I felt greatly relieved, and of course I was very satisfied with my doll !
During all morning, every time I heard a police car in the street, I was very scared. In fact,I believed that they were looking for me.
The last morning-class seemed very long and even when it was over, I did not feel better since I had to go back home at the bottom of the city : anybodycould have seen me.
Then, in the street, I was thinking about the way I would tell my parents about this incident if they asked me why I got a doll, when I recognized the owner of the toyshop. He walkedaway very slowly, he was whistling.
Astonishingly, meantime I stayed steel ! So, suddenly, he turned and saw me on the zebra crossing in the middle of the road. Of course I ran away ! Unfortunatelyhe was the fastest man I had ever seen, it was impresive. (Perhaps because he really wanted to hit me) After a short minute, he grabed me by the arm and the pursuit race ended with a hard punch ! Intruth, it was not the first time I stole in his shop .. But he could not have seen me the other time I stole in his store.
Next, during the 2 hours of my lunch time, I was wondering if it was a good...