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Companies have been facing this big dilemma from time to time: How to identify, attract and retain good employers? These good companies are little by little realizing an unfallible decisive truth:the capacity to locate and retain high performing people who can develop winning strategies so the competitive advantage can be ensured.

However what we can say you do not have to find, so to speak,High Performers, instead bear this in mind you have to define them. According to several research made by renown universities of the world, these people who shine even in bad days, who has a stronglimitless energy and enthusiasm and who are full of ideas, get things done quickly and effectively, who inspire others not just by pep talks but with very important through the sheer force of theirexample, these people can push the company to higher and unknown realms, these people are always located or headhunted by rival companies according to those universities surveys. So when these peopleleave a company, the impact in the financial way of this problem is such a terrible knock out and it includes tremendous costs on training most of the time very expensive ones, lost of productivity andinspiration.

Nevertheless we have to say that not all these good employees are stolen so to speak, they are most of the time lost. most of these good high performers go because companies do notknow how to keep them, most the time employers are so blind they cannot even put into their agenda how to locate those young would be high performers and very important how these organizations shouldconsider how such people are likely to regard important motivating factors. Of course money is still and will always be the main motivating factor here, however these people always tend to seekmotivation from other sources as well, that's why empowerment is a very important word to remember, particularly when motivating these new fast trackers. A high performer will seek to feel that he or she...