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Mrs Paris Hilton’s trial : Dialogue

Media – “Hello we are directly from Las Vegas, where takes place Paris Hilton’s trial.
The young heiress it is made settles on Friday, august 27th, and 2010 in the evening in Las Vegas.
Paris Hilton is the daughter of the founder of the chains of hotels Hilton, at this moment she was passenger of a car which the police arrested her for a control.
Thedriver of the car was the director of the night club, is name is Cy Waits and he saw ordering to park while he drove on the central avenues of Las Vegas.
During this control the policemen felt a strong smell of marijuana. The agents of polices, and then discovered aboard the car in the handbag of Paris Hilton 0.8 grams of cocaine packed in the aluminum foil.
During the questioning Paris Hiltondenied the facts which were blamed her, because according to her, the bag didn’t belong to her, but it was up to one of her friends. But regrettably she had shown itself a few days before with the last bag that she had bought, she had even was photographed with his bag.
Furthermore she is even going to say to the policemen that she believed that it was a package of chewing-gum. The judgment risks ofweighing heavy for Paris Hilton, because it already had was twice arrested this summer in possession of marijuana the first time in south Africa then in Corsican. We can say that Paris Hilton is afraid of nothing, because for detention of drug e could risk four years of prison.
We are going to obliged to cut the office and we meet at the end of trial to communicate the sentence of Paris Hilton”.Judge – “I declare the trial opened, Public prosecutor's office against Paris Hilton. Accused get up please.
Paris Whitney Miller Hilton, who was born on February 17th, 1981 in New York. Model, singer, actress, is accused for possession of drug and hinders in justice. What do you plaid ?”

Mrs Hilton’s lawyer – “Guilty your honor”

Judge – “Well, sit down please”.
“I call up to the helmthe police officer, Mr Hubert, witness of facts reproached to Mrs Hilton.”
“Mister, swear you to say the truth, all truth, nothing the truth. Now say I swear. This Bible representing the state of Nevada representing the U.S justice”.

Police officer (witness) – “I swear”

Judge – “The word is for the prosecutor”

Prosecutor – “Where were you on 27 august evening ?”

Police officer – “Iexercised my duties as a police officer in Las Vegas. We proceed to identity checks and alcohol controls on Las Vegas Boulevard near the Wynn Hotel-casino. That’s when we saw a 4x4 with tinted windows, shortly before midnight. As usual, wa stopped it to control the vehicle papers. When the window was down, we realized it was Mrs Hilton with her boyfriend. And many things intrigued me”

Prosecutor –“Tell us what was happened truly upon arrest”

Police officer – “There was smoke in Mrs Hilton’s black Cadillac Escalade, a smell of Marijuana. So, I asked my team to inspect the interior of the car and Paris Hilton’s purse. She seemed very nervous, as her boyfriend who tried to hit one of my colleagues. Their behavior was strange. That’s when we discovered a small bag of powder in the MrsHilton’s purse. She told me that she thought it was chewing gum, and she swore that the bag wasn’t hers. I burst out laughing and then I arrested the couple. Mrs Hilton has insulted us several times. A few hours later, tests for substance were made to show that the powder corresponded to cocaine.”

Prosecutor – “Thank you, I don’t get any question”

Judge – “The word is for the defense.”

MrsHilton's lawyer – “Have you never smoke illegal substances Mr the agent ?”

Prosecutor – “Sorry, but it’s unrelated to the case”

Judge – “I don’t think so, carry on”

Mrs Hilton's lawyer – “Can you answer please”

Police officer – “I’ve never smoked illegal substances. It’s incompatible with my job.”

Mrs Hilton's lawyer – “But if I remember is right, you had been implicated in a drug...
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