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- allo katie
- How are you anna? I just wnant to call for a long time but i can’t keep a moment!
- How is darfour? tell me your impressions,I am impatient.
- unbelievable! Yesterday I spent an unforgettable day that will remain engraved in my memory all my life.
I have to say thatthe habitants of the province where i am speak a language very different from our; It would be very difficult without the help of mr Adadevo mytranslator.
While we were visiting the sights around keta, people looked at me in a funny way, making signs that I did not understand.
Whenwomen saw me, they cried and put their hands on their heads.
I was surprised and terrified.
Mr Adadevo explain me quickly what it means.
Irealized that During the slavery period, Keta was a good-sized village and it was hit very hard by the slave trade. . People were killed or taken.The escapees were only children who hid in the bush.
Thoose children married and had children and rebuilt Keta. They told their tale to theiroffspring.The women I saw yesterday are descendants of those orphaned children, they have often heard the stories.
Mr adadevo me say that I likeso much like them. even the
tone of my voice is like theirs. The people I saw yesterday are sure i am a descended from their stolenancestors. That is why they cried and put their hands on their heads,Not for me but for their ancestors.
- oh my god! Indeed, I am willing to believe you