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Cours sur la santé
Cours sur la santé
The NHS is THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE .It is supposed to provide health care for the Nation.
The surgery is the place you go to if youneed to see a doctor; no need to try to call.

At your local surgery, you register with one GP (general practitioner),he is then your NHS doctor.
When ill, you may be given a PRESCRIPTION .You don'thave to pay the GP. It is free.

Then you go to the chemist. The chemist's shop is like a big department store where you can find anything from toiletries to off-the-counter medicines ,sweets, cheapjewelry,

Press the bell for attention and the actual chemist will appear saying 'next please' and Hand your prescription to him and wait for him to reappear with a paper bag.
The NHS doctorsalso work private for those who can afford it.

Some symptoms

I have flu:
i keep sleeping , i keep sneezing , i'm sick , i have got pain in my back , i have a fever, i feel stiff
you ought tostay at home , i recommend you wash yours hands , i need to drink soup , it is prohibited to go to publics places , it is forbidden to shake hands , you must wear a mask

i have got pain in….
i keep+ ing …..
it is sor

I cut myself n the wound got infected .
My joints are so painful,they keep swelling,I can't bend my knees.
Be a victim of an stroke.
To care somebody

Factors of stressHere are examples of what stresses me
competitve exam
the waits in stores
my dog which taps in the door
my friends when they say that I have a bad mentality
the automobilits when they drive tooslowly
when my boyfriend is late
when I have to get up early in the morning
when the computer which doesn't work
When my niece cries all the time
When I have to go to the doctor

Song“don’t worry”

I would like to be landlord of my house, have a proprety.
When I am a tenant, I worry not to be able to pay my rent

to worry about something = être inquiet
to care smbody = prendre...