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A) alex
B) simon


A : hi

B: hello my dear, how are you ?

A : I'm fine and you

B : I'm fine to

A: I have seen a film last night. It was dead boring. The film was a flop. Andyou ? Wath are the film do you prefer

b : for the moment my favourite film is rien a declarer

a : I have never see that film

B : oh what a pity . In my opignon it's the best film ever

A :yes perhaps... wath type of film was it ?

B: it's a comedy with a little bit of comotesme. And you , wich film did you see yesterday evening?

A : it's was the rite, a horror film

B : oh mygood, I have already seen that film but I don't remember how this film end ?

A : the film ends with the Jesous's victory

B : oh yes I remember now, that film was really bad

A : yes bad, likeDany boon, the main actor of this film, or bad like all the film.

B : I understand but why did you choose this film ?

A : because I saw the film at the cinema with a lot of friends and they wantedto see it. And you ? Where and who did you see rienb a declarer with ?

B : I saw it with my girlfriend at home 1 month ago. But I would like to see it again at the cinema with my friends

A : ithink that it's a type of film that I love very much. Tell me one more about the story ?

B : Dany boon directed the film with a exelent cast !! a lot of french end belgian actors! But the mainactors of the film are benoit poolvord and dany boon. The story takes place in a customs and the belgian customs officer and the french custom officer are obliged to work together but they hate oneanother

A : Ooh , in my opignon the film seems really tremendous. I ask me if did it have a happy ending ?

B : yes the ending is great too

A : OOOh I want to see this film now !!!

B : but thefilm is not any more at the cinema ...

A : OOOOh wath a pity !!! so... would you like to see an other film with me?

B : do you know a good film ?

A: yes I have a good idea , have you...