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Scene 1
Zoé: Have you seen my white shorts?
Elisabeth: Yes, look over there.
(She rocks the shorts.)
Zoé: Thank you. Have you forgotten anything?
I hope not! The plane is in two hours.Elisabeth: Don’t frighten me... Where is Kitty? Kitty...
Zoé: I don’t know, look in your case.
Elisabeth: What an idiot she is! I may lock away inside.
Zoé: Hey, Come on, April must already be waiting forus.
Elisabeth: Yes, two minutes, I’m coming, I’m getting y cases.
Zoé: Did you close the door?
Elisabeth: Yes, everything is ok, we can leave.
(They come down)
April: Oh! You arrived at last.Zoé: Sorry, I forgot my clothes.
April: Elisabeth, did you remember your camera?
Elisabeth: Oh no! I’ll go back.
(She goes back up)
Zoé: For goodness sake! I told her to bring it.
(During this timeApril calls a taxi)
April: Hello, I would like a taxi please. We are in front of the station.
The Driver: Ok, I will send you a taxi.
April: Thank you.
(The taxi arrives)
The Driver: Helloladies!
April; Zoé and Elisabeth: Good afternoon!
The Driver: Where are you going?
Elisabeth: To the airport please.
(Arrived has the airport)
Zoé: How much is it?
The Driver: 50£ please.
Zoé: Hereis.
The Driver: Thanks.
April; Zoé and Elisabeth: Good bye!
The Driver: Bye, have a good journey.

Scène 2
Receptionist: The passengers for the fight to Los Angeles must go to boarding gate 3.Receptionist: Pass; Ok; you can go.
Pilot: Welcome, ladies and gentleman.
Elisabeth: I’m so excited.
Zoé: Me too.
April: But...If our plane crashes.
Elisabeth: Oh! Don’t think about that.Stewardess: Hello, • passport please … thank you.
• Visa … thank you.
• Oh … thank you.
Stewardess: You must fasten your seatbelt, for safety reasons, anoxygen mask just about you. You put it on like this. In the event of an emergency, the exits are here, here and here.
Pilot: Ladies and Gentleman, we are to take off.
Stewardess: Have a good flight....