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We went to Lord Roxton's house. It was full of strange objects from around the world and the heads of wild animals. He gave me something to drink and a cigar to smoke. He pulled out a map of SouthAmerica and put it on the table.
"I believe he told you the truth," he said. "I love South America. I've seen it all. I think it's the most wonderful place on this planet. Once you know it, you'llunderstand that anything is possible - anything. The Amazon River flows through a forest almost as big as Europe. Why can't there be something new and wonderful in such a place ? And why can't we be themen to discover it ? "
We talked a little more and then I left.
Finally, the expedition was ready, and Professor Summerlee, Lord John Roxton and I walked towards the boat. But before we got on theboat, we heard somebody shout. It was Professor Challenger.
"I have a few things to say," he began. "My directions and instructions are in this closed envelope. You must open it when you arrive at atown on the Amazon called Manaos, and only on the day and at the time which is written on the outside of the envelope. Is that clear ? Mr Malone you can write anything you want in your letters to thenewspaper. But you can't give any details about your exact destination."

Nous sommes allés à la maison de Lord(Seigneur) Roxton. C'était plein(complet) d'objets étranges du monde entier et leschefs(têtes) d'animaux sauvages. Il m'a donné quelque chose pour boire et un cigare pour fumer. Il a retiré une carte de l'Amérique du Sud et l'a mis sur la table.
"Je crois qu'il vous a dit la vérité,"a-t-il dit. "J'aime l'Amérique du Sud. J'ai vu tout. Je pense que c'est l'endroit(la place) le plus merveilleux sur cette planète. Une fois que vous le savez(connaissez), vous comprendrez que quoi quece soit est possible - quoi que ce soit. Le Fleuve Amazone coule par une forêt presque aussi grand que l'Europe. Pourquoi ne peut pas là être quelque chose de nouvel et merveilleux en un tel...