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1) Explain what are the Charter of Virginia and the Mayflower Compact. (150 / 200 words)

The charter of Virginia was written in 1606 by James the first of England ,with the goal of establishingcolonial settlements in North America .This agreement gave people the permission to settle and go to Virginia. Indeed this agreement authorized them to settle ,to make plantation and live there “Wewould vouchsafe unto them our license , to make habitation, plantation and to deduce a colony into that part of America called Virginia “

The Mayflower Compact was written in 1620 , it is anagreement in which one the radicals pledge that they will stay together and obey to the same rules «Combine ourselves together into a civil Body Politik”

2) What are the main differences between thetwo? (200 / 250 words)

The main differences between the Charter of Virginia and the Mayflower Compact are that the Charter of Virginia was a governmental agreement between the King and peoplearistocracy it was a politic contract, and the second one was a contract between the Religious people and God. It was a religious contract.

3) What were indentured servants? What was thedifference between an indentured servant and a slave?
The indentured servants were people who worked for someone they gave their labour (to the owner) , they came from Europe and they were agree ofworking for their owner, they had a freedom and had the choice contrary to a slave who was forced to work and he had not any freedom , furthermore he came from Africa and was totally owned by hisowner . the owner owned his labour but alse his body .

4) Give several reasons why people left England to settle in the New World in the 17 and 18th century. (200 words)
People leftEngland to settle in the New World because they did not have any freedom and they were persecuted in England .They wanted equal laws and had the same rules in the same level .
They left England for...