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General Grammar Homepage Links - Loads of explanations and exercises on many grammar topics. - site with loads of links to exercises & tests


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Exercises: Question tag practice - 14 YES/NO questions or WH- questions - Five easy simple past WH- questions. - Five easy simple present WH questions There are only ten questions in this matchingformat quiz, but both WH and Yes-NO question forms are tested. The WH forms are, Who, How, What, Why, Would, When, and Where. Thestudent is asked to decide if the question is grammatically correct or incorrect. If incorrect, the student is asked to correct it. WH questions are assessed. Thirty four multiple choice questions. Several different types of WH questions are asked and the student's task is to select the appropriate answer to the question fromthe choices listed. - Transform 10 sentences into questions and negatives. Correct answers are provided. - Audio exercise. Students click on a PLAY button and they hear a voice asking a question. Then they must choose the correct answer to the question from three alternatives.