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1) I’m exhausted so I really need to come to a halt.
2) It was difficult to put up with my grand-mother’s death.
3) I’m going fishing tomorrow that’s why I’m going to get up at the crack of thedawn.
4) His favourite breakfast is composed of bacon with honey, each to their own!
5) I’ve shouted at my neighboors because of all the noise they make.
6) It’s quite risky but take the leap!
7) Mycats loves pouncing on the red birds.
8) I’m handy at making music.
9) I hate waiting my turn when I’m playing cards.
10) You shouldn’t do that, you’re too oblivious.
11) Don’t worry aboutfolding her, she’s accustomed to it.
12) Don’t obliged me to watch ‘saw II’, I’m having goosebumps everytime I’m thinking of it.
13) Before my interview, I was quite goosy.
14) She’s always crackingsome jokes about my huge nose.
15) To land a role?
16) She’s feeling awkward, so she adopts a suave behaviour which makes her prospoterous.
17) You should make the pros and the cons beforebeginning your writing.
18) I’m grounded because of my foolish behaviour.
19) I’m responsible for all her concerns.
20) Do you need me to give you a hand?
21) I was in suspence about her results untilthat I heard what I wanted by word of mouth.
22) She hasn’t passed her year, I feel sorry for her.
23) I can’t contradict him because he has power over me.
24) I became a famous doctor thanks to theguy I met who has taken me far
25) I don’t understand why she was sulked when she was delivering the leaflets, she’s well-paid!
26) Everybody are shouting and in my opinion, it’s unpleasant and Ican’t get a word in the edgeways.
27) Hey! Don’t cheat, take turn!
28) Feet up, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t understood one exercise.
29) You should rewamp a bit your writing before sending itto you teacher.
30) My pet hates are when the vending machine doesn’t work.
31) Young people are accused to litter the streets.
32) It was a real shame that there were nobody to play the part of...