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we saw three groups which presented various company : Buffalo grill
Phone House

Buffalo Grill

In the firstplace there was a group of yanis, quentin,and huges her presented Buffalo grill. I found out their presentation very interesting because Their presentation wasfunny, And they made us participate By choosing menus of the Bufallo grill.their presentation was good because there was a lot of participation.

Toys''R''UsThen he had the group of shainez and camille her presented Toys''R''Us which is a toy store chain headquarted in wayne. Their presentation was good Becausethey explained well to us by posting posters. Furthermore he returned us a catalog, And we chose to play them that we shall have liked having.

Macdonald'sThen he had the group of florian ang gogina her presented Macdonald's corporation which is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.Theirpresentation was less although than the others, because gogina was absent. But florian Present various object of the Macdonald's, but there was no support. I havelittle memory of this presentation.

The phone house

Then he had the group of manon, Honorine,and saadia her presented phone house who is largestindependent mobile phone ratailer.with over 1700 stores across europe. their presentation very interesting because They used a power point. ( Even if there werecomputing problems ), Then they made a sketch.

It is not easy to speak in front of his companions but it's we entrained to have one truth discussion in English.