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Harry : Hey mum !
Lisa : hey, it has been a long time Harry ! How are you ?
Harry : Fine, very fine ! How about you ?
Lisa : I’m good, thanks. Do you knowthat tomorrow there’s a hockey game ?
Harry : Really ? No, I didn’t know that ! How plays ?
Lisa : It’s a decisive match tomorrow, Montreal Canadians versus TorontoMaple Leaf. Do you remember when you were a huge fan of Maurice Richard ?
Harry : Yes, absolutely. I couldn’t miss one of his matches!
Lisa : I rememberespecially when you were angry against me during several months, just for a sweat !
Harry : I wasn’t just a sweat mum, you forced me to wear the sweat of Toronto MapleLeaf ! We laughed at me !
Lisa : Harry, you exaggerate ! I wasn’t going to offend mister Eaton just because this sweat didn’t please you.
Harry : It was veryhurt for me, you don’t realize ! Either you’re only worry was the opinion of people. You always wanted that people have a god opinion about us. Didn’t it ?
Lisa :It’s important for everybody, and for you too ! I wanted to show you the respect and the value of things. Don’t reproach me for your education.
Harry : I don’t dothis mum! I admit that my reaction was too much exaggerated, but I was young, and you know as well as me how children can be nasty.
Lisa : You know, in thisperiod you didn't talk me a lot, I couldn’t know it ! You always thought that I didn’t take care enough of you, but you never had the same opinion of me !
Harry :it’s true.. but I was doing my teenage angst. I don’t reproach you your education, and I admit that my behavior was inappropriate, but you could have please me.