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Monica lived in a little village, next to London. Her house was the second on the left when we enter her lot. It was a huge house which had three floors. It was possibleto see one window at every floor, from the street.
Monica had two sisters and a brother, she had really good parents, it was the perfect family. Every afternoon, Monicacame back from the school and every afternoon she was the first to arrive at home, because his brother stayed at boarding school in a school that was so far and her sisterscame back later than her.
But this afternoon, when she was driving the key into the lock, she heard noises of paces and she realized that the door wasn't locked. Toreassure herself she called her friend Robine, the noise had disappeared. The next day she checked that the door was locked before going to school. After school, Monica cameback at home, the door was again open, and it was the same thing for five days. Monica began to be scared, she questioned every member of the family about that, nobody knew.The next day Monica found two photos of her which she had never seen, she knew it was another person who had taken them. She became paranoiac, every noise, every personscared her. Her life was a hell, she cried all the time. One month after, she discovered,when she came back from school, a lot of petals, the floor was covered.
Thefollowing day, she received a letter of a secret admirer who explained all the situation, it was just someone who was crazy about her.
Finally she met the boy, his name wasJames, he was a good boy, the son of a good family, and in love. Monica found him really nice and finally, some years later she got married and had a lot of children with him.