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A pistol with 50 bullets is necessary to defend myself against a possible danger. In fact, you never know what you find on an islandcompletely unknown. Maybe I will not use it but it is a way to reassure me. In all cases, if there are animals, it can allow me to feedme.
A magnifying glass can be very useful for making fire easily. Indeed, it takes only sunlight for a fire that is useful to keepwarm at night, to cook food or simply to light. It is important to note that a magnifying glass can be used as many times as necessary,unlike a firelighter which is not eternal.
If I were alone on a desert island, I would take with me a book. It’s important for mebecause it’s able to give me a moment to escape and make me forget the temporal framework in which I am. It would have the power toremove my loneliness and to not go crazy on a place there’s nobody to talk to.
I choose a survival kit to heal my wounds and preventpossible infections. Indeed, a badly infected wound can hang up on someone quickly. It could be problematic from the moment you can onlycount on yourself to survive. In this case, you can’t allow you to be detained too long because of an infection.
Finally, a knife canbe used for many things. For example, it can cut wood for shelter or for firewood. We can also cut meat or fish ....