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It is a painting by Norman Rockwell, an American artist, wich is entitled New York Central Diner, wich was published in 1946.

To begin with the place and time ;
Thescene takes place in USA, in New York because the titled is New York Central Diner.
It seems to be a restaurant since there is a table, a chair, a waiter on the right and a client in the foreground.The scene may take place in 1940s because the boy and the man are not wearing the same clothes as nowdays. The black man is wearing a white clothes of waiter whereas the white boy is wearing a darkclothes, their clothes look pretty old fashioned. Furthermore the furniture that composed the restaurant do not look modern.

The picture shows two people who are in different situation. On the onehand,on the left, it's a child who is perhaps stand properly and polished. On the other hand, on the right , it's a adult. Unlike the black adult, who is a waiter, the white child is a client. Thechild is holding a purce in the right hand besides a menu in the other hand. Contrary to the boy who is sat, the black man is standing anyway he have look smiling. Obviously the server wearing a formalshoes and he have his hands behind him beacuse he must be correct for work in restaurant. The child may be choice his order, but if the child had already passed order, the waiter would serve the boy.In my opinion, it's a form of racism because the black man serve the white child. This reminds us of slavery since Blacks worked for Whites. The white young man must want to show his superiority ,he give an order.

The painting is interresting because it conveys some suspense as we don't know what will happen. Perhaps the child order tea or coffee. The waiter may serve the child; Unless theboy may pay his order.
It's a perfect shows the generally speaking of the social reality due to the fact that the segregation.
Norman Rockwell wanted to pass on a message. Thus he may wanted to...
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