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On August 28th 1963 Martin Luther King stood in front of more than 250 000 potest marchers in Washington D.C and gave one of the most famous speeches in U.S history. This protestmarch was the longest demonstration in the U.S at that time. About 30 000 marchers were white people, the other marchers were black. They come from all parts of the country into the nation’s capitalbecouse they wanted change. They wanted equality for all American. On this day, he looked up at the crowd and spoke about his dream for America.

He starts his speech with the reference of theEmancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. He declares the freedom for all slaves in every states in America. This time was the beginning for a new life with change but it was notthe end of racism and segregation but like King says : «  This momentous decree come as a great beacon light of hope to million of Negro slaves... »
Afterwords he holds that Black people are stillnot free. Actually they were not salve anymore but, the deep racism, discrimination, segragation, hatred are still in the heart of white people.
One hundred years ago Black people were considered like« animals », they were nothing, they had been taken from Africa to America to serve the Whites.
And now «  The Negro lives on a island of poverty »
Later he talks about The Constitution andDeclaration of Independance wich promised that all men even the Blacks are created equal, free, and must be happy : « Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness ». But this most important document of Americahas never been respected yet for Black men.
And even justice or police had got discrimination. That’s why it must have someone to raise up, to prostest against this violence, this intolerance andthis injustice : « Now is the time to rise up from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to sunlit path racial justice ». Here Luther encouraged American to manifaste against this injustice in...