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In this extract Lysander suggests to Hermia to live Athens and its laws to go to his aunt's house because Hermia's father doesn't wanther to marry Lysander but Demetrius. If she disobeys to her father, she will become a non or be put to death.
Hermia accepts to run out of Athensto keep her love alive and meet Lysander by night in the wood.
But, Helena comes and asks Hermia why Demetrius doesn't love her, she thinks thattheir beauty are equals, (comparison : "my eyes, your eyes..." l.7 ) . After Helena's lamentations, Hermia tells Helena what she is planning to dowith Lysander for escape to Athens's laws.
But, it was a big mistake because of Helena who is gonna tells the plan to Demetrius who wants to stopthe union.

We can see on this passage lot of allude to gods and others characters when Hermia speaks:
At first, their is "Cupid", the god oflove. He shots arrows at humans to wound them with love.
Then, the Venus' Dove. We know that Venus is the goddess of love. She is often representedwith doves as her animal companion. According to legend, doves are gentle and constant in love.
To ending, the "Cathage queen. Her real name isDido and Carthage Queen means that she was the queen of the North African country of Carthage. She desesperatly falls in love with Troy who abandonsher so, she decides to kills herself.
That's why, when we speak about a "fire which burn'd the Carthage Queen", it's the Dido's funeral pyre.