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Rolls-Royce Limited was an automobile manufacture founded in 1904 and a manufacture of aircraft engines from 1914. The company was nationalized in 1971, split into two entities in 1973 (the privateautomobile division returns with Rolls-Royce Motors, and the aerospace division becomes Rolls-Royce plc, remaining the property of the State).

In 1884 Henry Royce, begins a firm of electricity andmechanics. In 1902, the mechanic self-taught genius built his first car in Manchester. He is introduced to Charles Rolls, an aristocrat engineer fond of motors. The company Rolls-Royce was erected in1902. The Rolls-Royce Limited was founded in 1906, it was transferred to Derby in 1908.

In 1931 , Rolls -Royce bought Bentley, a smaller manufacture competitor who knows financial difficultiescaused by the Great Depression.
Henry Royce died in 1933 but he will have designed the Merlin engine that team including the Supermarine Spitfire .
The plant is transferred to Crewe in 1946 and nowthe body is also built where previously it was only the frame. The Body Series (called Standard Saloon ) are made of stamped sheet metal , the rest remains artisanal operations . Other models arehandmade , mostly in aluminum sheet . It is with the Bentley Mark VI that the Crewe factory began his long career and the U.S. market being the applicant, a Rolls- Royce version of the Mark VI was bornunder the name of Silver Dawn.
The famous Silver Ghost and Phantom took over the prestigious Silver Dawn , Silver Cloud and Silver Shadow show monocoque and hydropneumatic suspension Citroën (1965). In1975 is born the Rolls -Royce Camargue, bodied by Pininfarina . The British manufacturer of military equipment purchases Vickers company in 1980. It was at this time that the out Silver Spirit (shortversion) and Silver Spur (long version ), replaced the Shadow models.
The Corniche, appeared in 1971 ( and replaces the coupes and convertibles Silver Shadow Mulliner Park Ward) will catalog until...