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This document is a photography.
The scenes take place in a classwroom, we can see the blackboard behind a child and his teacher. The mistress is sat at her office and the boy isupright beside her.
It shoul not be from our time because they are not wearing like us. The teacher is smartly dressed. The boy’s belt is high and his tee-shirt is returned in the trouserswhereas now the trousers for the boys are large and the tee-shirts are long.
Our attention is focused on the two characters who are in the foreground. The mistress must question theboy on the mathematic’s exercices which are written on the board. Then, we can conclude she must be a mathematic’s teacher and we can imagine it’s in a college, because they are learning “Thesquare roots.”
The teacher looks nice, moreover she’s a very pretty woman, then, the child must be shy. Besides, he must surely be in front of its class and his friends and he may can’tsurpass its shyness. He looks stressed and nerviously. His schoolmates may are burst out laughing and it may makes him laugh too. He may tries to pay no attention to them and ignore thembecause if he laughed whereas his teacher is talking to him, he would be embarrassed. Even if the foto is in black and white, we can suppose that the black boy is flushing. He must not would bethe laughing stock of his class.
The teacher may urge him to answer and she may support him. She looks patient because she smiles nevertheless.
Even if he isn’t very seriously on thepicture, it looks nice and polished, soft like a lamb. He doesn’t look cheeky like some childs.
I really like this photo as we can imagine many things, many stories. In addition, i rememberwhen i was litlle girl, when i gone at board. I was shy too. I wasn’t a hard-working, especially in mathematics, it wasn’t my least favourite subject, then, i sympathise with the poor boy.