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2) According to me , people can be entice into reading because it’s a way of get away from it all. What’s more, reading permits them to dream, to develop their imagination . Moreover, they can beentice into reading because they meet people who love reading and who read often before their eyes or because they read a book’s summary. Or they can be entice into reading because they have parents orfamily who read and they can be influenced.

3) When people are reading a book they looking for a sensation. Indeed, they read a book to get a thrill, such as science fiction novel or detectitvenove, but they looking for an emotion too when they read love novel and it’s a way of escape themselves reading is an entertainment. Furthermore, they read to discover new things, other’s person life orthey read to think about their life, their comportment. In addition to this , they can read in order to learn or to understand so it can be an intellectual research.

First of all,“reading or reading books in particular” are healthy activities, which exist for a long time and despite the fact that today there are lots of others activities like television, computer, books are stillused.
Although reading or reading books are essentials this is two differents activities “ reading” is a general reading” ( magazines, comic books) whearas “reading books in particular” is somethingspecial, which bring people more sensation, but according to me both are essential.
Indeed, reading permits to interested people in the world, in the actuality, such as magazine section or reporting,so it permits to learn about others countries, others way of life, to know what happened all over the world. In this manner reading permits people to keep up with the news, with events . Today,there is a huge reading choice which permits to learn for example with some magazines like history magazines or scientific magazines. So reading comes from a curiosity and creates an open-mindedness...