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I-What are you like
I am Guillaume, I’m 16. I have no animals at home, but I LOVE dogs. My least favorite animals are mice, spiders and snakes.
When I havesome free time I like to play the computer, War games make me laugh!
II-Josh’s family have high expectation for him
1) Josh’s mother urges him to listencarefully to the teacher.
2) Josh’s father forbids him to play football after school.
3) Josh’s aunt advises him not to lent his books to his class mates.
4)Josh’s elder brother doesn’t want him to fail in his test.

III-Analyse this comic strip
First, Calvin’s mother wakes him up and she tells himthat he is going to miss his bus.
Next, he goes to school and his teacher want him to make the math problem on the board. Calvin doesn’t know the answer.
Afterthat a bully brutalizes him. After school, he does his homework. His dad forbids him to play outside.
At dinner, Calvin fiddles with his food and his fatherforbids him to play with his food.
Next, his parents want him to go to bed. His mother says to him: “Have a good night’s sleep”.
Eventually, Calvin sighs and I supposethat he can’t sleep.

Do you feel like Calvin?
Yes I do quite often, when my father tells me to get up I just want to stay in my crazy bed because it feels somuch better than going outside, especially when it's raining and when I don't feel like going to school. When I go back home I always think about playing beforedoing my homework. When I go to bed I often sigh when i think about the next day.

The cartoonist's message says that fun and games come after work.