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A matter of choice

From The

GRAMMAR TOOLS TO BE USED IN THE ANSWERS (check grammar sites on Dokeos for further information on these grammatical notions):

Exercise I:Comparative structures

Exercise II:

• PRETERIT (question 1)
• S + USED TO BV (questions 1 & 3)
• S + WOULD BV (frequentative would) (questions 1 & 3)
• PRESENT PERFECT (questions 2 & 3)• S + WILL BV (future) (questions 4, 5 & 6)
• S + SHOULD BV (advice/recommendation) (question 6)

1 I Preview: Read the list of developments. What are the positive or negative impactsof each one on traditional companies? Don’t write complete sentences for this exercise. Notes will be OK.

1. Developments in technology : computers (internet, cell-phones, wireless , laptops= ordiportable) , machines (more and more performing) , networks . More and faster communication= better communication= more productivity=more easily
Negative points : Less workers, less employment( cutdown the staff, lay- off= licencier . surveillance

2. Growth in the power of consumer groups
“Que choisir?”= groupe de conso.

Negative points: - Negative publicity= image publique néfaste ( ,less productions , less market, less money
Positive points: -Power .Respond to customers, consumers , needs, demands , expectation to have best product and more security. Lobby demonstrate thatthey’re not happy. Ethics= engagements of the company.

3. Expansion of e-business
Ebay is only on Internet
FNAC is in Internet and in a physical place

Positive points : More quick, no openinghours , no time limit , more practical. We are totally free. Business opportunity for company with exchanges . Less charges because less staff , less stock , less buildings for enterprise ,

Negativepoints: Less jobs , dangerous with hackers. We are not sure for our security. don’t sure about quality of the tings and we are not sure to receive it.

4.Increase in shareholder power