Angry french workers

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Angry French Workers Turn to « Bossnapping » to solve their problems

This document is an article entitled “Angry French Workers Turn to « Bossnapping » to solve their problems”, written by LisaBryant and dated from April the 12th 2009. This article is taken from the Voice of America website. Voice of America is a website which published informations about topical issue in the world. It’sreports on French workers who seizures their bosses in the office to demonstrate against economic downturn. The title is quite explicit because they are many key words like “French workers”, “Bossnaping”and “Problems”. This article is well-documented and precise. It’s an informative kind of article. The overall tone of this document is unbiased because the journalist just enounces fact. It’s writtenin a formal style.
Well our analysis is going to fall into three parts. First the facts, second the reasons and third the solutions.

In the French history, they are a lot of demonstration. TodayFrench workers protest against economic downturn. They have decided to kidnap their boss to show that they are worried about their future in the work market. Contrary to this unacceptable fact, morethan 65% of the population understood thinks from workers. More over 45% of French think that it’s a normal reaction. So we can deduce that the French population can complain with French workers.Second, this document explains us the reasons of the sequestration. This demonstration is due to the rate of unemployed which is 8%. But it’s not the only reasons, they are afraid to lose their jobbecause of the economic crises and relocation. French workers kidnap company bosses to make evolve their situation: they want more safety in their job and less pressure and a better supervision.
Third,companies cannot stop their process of relocation but why can decide to give severance package. Others solution is to negotiate with company bosses: to be transferred in another sub diary (filial)...