Argument contre la peine de mort

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The Design Museum is the most famous museum of London and all the Britain.
This museum is funny and it is the best museum for the general knowledge.
If you go atLondon, you must to see the most attractive museum of the World.
The Design Museum's exhibitions travel to museums and galleries nationally and internationally. Since2002, the design museum has toured 28 exhibitions, 83 times at 65 different venues around the world.

Exhibition :
- The current exhibition is just beautiful!Present a work of John PAWSON.
This man is a minimalist and he knows for a rigorous process of reduction, this design and this simplicity.
The Design museum celebratesPawson with models, film, photographs and architectural elements.
If you go at Design Museum you have to see this exhibition.
It’s the most interesting exhibition ofthe Museum.

- An other current exhibition is the Drawing Fashion.
It is an exhibition very pretty.
Drawing Fashion celebrates a unique collection of some of themost remarkable fashion illustrations from the twentieth and twenty first centuries.
These original works define the fine art of illustrating fashion, from thecollections of Chanel, Dior…
It’s a exhibition inevitable and people should go see this exposition.

Design museum, London Opening hours :
28shad Thames 10am-5.45pmThe last admission: 5.15pm
Open all the day except the 25 and 26

Opening hours of the café of the design museum :
Opening hours of theshop:

The ticket cost :
- 11 £ for the adults
- 10 £ for the concessions
- 7 £ for the students
- Free for the children (under 12year’s old)