Arguments pour l'euthanasie (anglais)

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The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
tells the story of Jean-Dominique Bobby,
this French man that has a ''locked-in'' syndrome.
Unable to move, unable to speak, he doesn't feelanything.
The spectator really feels like he's trapped in the body of the man.

When the person is - desperate,
- has no more hope of healing,
- asks to end his sufferings
euthanasiashould definitely be available.

- frees the person from his unnatural sufferings,
- gives some dignity to the patient and avoids medical abuses
- would help the Health system.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Euthanasia free human beingsfrom suffering
Some may say that today, with Modern medicine , pain relievers protect the patients to feel any pain.
Even if pain relievers are working well, patients can feel suffering fromother sources
- gradual loss of the control of the body
- complete loss of autonomy
- deformation of the body, mainly the face

When a human being is - prisoner of his body,
- unable ofdoing anything,
- asking to die,
there is no good reason to keep holding him alive in this useless and unbearable suffering.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2. Euthanasia avoids medical abuses and give patients some dignity
Medical abusesmeans that
Modern medicine keeps pushing away the limits of life expectancy.
This is good since this lifetime is a happy one, or at least one with a purpose, with a future. A real life.

Twoscenarios where euthanasia should be available
Vegetable : A patient that - has an incurable disease,
- who lives on with the help of a life-support machine,
- who is never expected to...