Arguments pro ogms en anglais

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* For GMOs
* GMO scan treat damaged or less fertile lands
* Can answer the need of new biofuels
* It eases the production of medicines. Some cells of the GMO can be used in thedevelopment of some medicines and the GMOs culture will improve the knowledge on the gene. Moreover GMOs will reduce the cost of production that will reverberate on the price of the medicines.
Indeedsome GM carrots produce an enzyme that cures some diseases, some bananas can be used for vaccines, the rice is full of A vitamin and can cure A vitamin deficiency. Moreover, cells from GMOs can beused into vaccines for animals.
* No study shows that GMOs are harmful. Actually, it pollutes less the land and rivers than many pesticides. It even reduces the greenhouse gas emission and theglobal warming.
* GMOs ask for less water than traditional cultures. And this is a headway given that water is the blue gold of nowadays and that we might be lacking water soon.
* GMOsare resistant to pesticides
* Bio-fortification. GMO have higher levels of some components (A vitamin) by inserting genes.
* Increase the life expectancy of fruits and vegetables >Solution against starvation.
* Challenge of environment/ feeding/expectances of society
* The commercial culture has been banned in France since 2008, and the experimental culture has decreasedalso. There are no more open-fields trials, and most of the experiments are relocated in India or in the United-States, where GMOs are welcomed and daily consumed without any consequences.
* 2050there will be more than 9 billions inhabitants on Earth. 1 billion is starving.

CONCLUSION: we need GMOs to survive and feed the whole population. But States have to organize in order to preventrisks. USA, Argentina or Brazil use a lot of GMOs, how can France control its imports knowing that we need these imports of food.
If we abandon the GMO culture, food prices will rise and starvation...