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Thank you for your interest in our Visiting Student Program at Seoul National University (SNU). Please read the information below BEFORE you fill out this Application Form.

1. Eligibility
To be a visiting student at SNU, a student must have completed at least one semester in their home university.

* The College of Medicine is restricted to students who are currently studyingmedicine at their home university.
* The College of Dentistry is open ONLY to masters level students currently enrolled in a master program at School of Dentistry or equivalent at their home university. Visiting Student Program is NOT available at the undergraduate level for the College of Dentistry.
* Applicants, who apply for the Korean History major, must provide a proof of Korean languageability. A satisfactory level of Korean language ability should be either (1) Level 5 or above of official Korean Language Proficient Test or (2) Level 5 or above of the Korean Test conducted at the SNU Language Institute.

2. Application Procedure
- Application deadline: 13 October 2006
- Screening: October ~ November 2006
- Notification of Acceptance: 12 December 2006
- Acceptancepackages sent to partner universities: End of December 2006

3. Acceptance Package
The acceptance package will include followings:
← Certificate of Admission
← Course registration guideline & Course registration form
← Other Information

4. Academic Calendar 2007:
- Spring Semester: 2 March 2007~ Mid June 2007
- Deadline for submitting exchange student’sgrades to the registrar’s office: End of June 2007
- Official transcripts from the Office of Registrar will be ready by: 3rd week of July 2007
- Submission of official transcripts to your University is your own responsibility

5. University screening procedure for visiting students’ preferred course of study
The OIA receives applications and reviews that all application requirementshave been met. The application is then forwarded to the screening committee of each college for the assessment. When the acceptance is confirmed, the OIA notifies the result through email. The OIA is not responsible for the selection process and its results since the decision is made by each college.

6. Courses
Most courses are taught in Korean but each college or department offers number ofcourses conducted in English. List of courses taught in English for the new semester will be available at the beginning of January or July each year. The majority of courses at the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) are offered in English. The GSIS courses are for graduate students, but some courses may be available to undergraduate exchange students under the professor’spermission who teaches the course. The College of Business Administration and other graduate schools also offer several courses in English.

7. Campus Housing
On-campus housing is not available to Visiting Students.

8. Checklist of Required Application Documents:
All documents should be submitted in ORIGINAL or verified as an official copy, and should be in Korean or in English. If yourdocuments are not in Korean or in English, please have your document translated in Korean or in English and have confirmed and sealed by an authorized body. Application documents are non-returnable once they have been submitted to the OIA. Please be aware that we will be unable to continue processing your application if you do not submit ALL the required application documents. The required documentsfor applicants are as follows:
A. One completed Application Form (Please type clearly your email address since most important announcements will be notified through email.)
B. A Statement of Purpose (Please use letter size paper 8½″ x 11″) (in English or in Korean)
C. Two Letters of Recommendation from two of your professors. Please use the SNU letter of recommendation form. One letter of...
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