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Zoom/Modem PC Card
56K V.92/V.90 PCMCIA Modem for Windows, Macintosh & Linux
Faster Web Browsing with V.44 The latest standard in compression Faster Connect Times with V.92 QuickConnectModem-on-Hold and Call Waiting* Take phone calls while online Maximum Compatibility With V.92, V.90, and older standards On-board DSP and Controller for improved performance PC Card Guard™ for protection againstdigital PBX over-voltage ZoomGuard™ Advancced Lightning Protection Voice Mail Support Documentation and software provided in English and Spanish Two Year Warranty

Model 3075
The Zoom/Modem V.92PC Card Model 3075 is a high-performance 56K faxmodem that plugs into the PCMCIA slot or PC Card slot of a laptop computer. Performance of the Model 3075 is enhanced by an on-board Digital SignalProcessor (DSP) and an onboard controller, providing a more stable system and better performance than Windows-only modems. The Model 3075 is fully compatible with all features of the latest V.92 and V.44international standards and will also communicate at V.90 and slower speeds. Benefits of V.92 and V.44 include: Faster negotiation: most modems call the same Internet service number every time. V.92modems save the connection profile to eliminate negotiation time and significantly reduce connection time. Improved data compression: the old V.42bis compression standard was established before theadvent of the World Wide Web! The newer V.44 standard is designed for the kinds of content seen on the Web today and can noticeably improve download speeds. Faster upload speeds: V.92 can send e-mail andattachments up to 40 percent faster than V.90 modems. Modem-on-Hold: this feature works with call waiting services to allow an incoming phone call to be answered without losing an Internet connectionon the same line.* In addition to the latest data communications technology, the Model 3075 includes other features which make it superior to the competition, including: ZoomGuard Lightning...