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Introduction :
I did my training period from 22 November to 18 December 2010 at Phildar, 5 street Dumont d’Urville in Concarneau, but I did canvass this shop before for mylearning Bac pro on sale. That is women clothes and fashion accessories shop which employ one person.

My company:

My tutor was the manager. There was a very good atmosphere. Shewas nice and pleasant and she explained things well but she was demanding. I got there by my car and it took me ten minutes to get there. I worked from ten to half past twelve AM andfrom two to seven PM, and I had no breaks.

My tasks:

My principles duties were the receiving deliveries, the unpacking, the re-shelving and the storage clothes but toogreeted, gave advices to customers. I did cashing in as well as keep the shop in order, make the window shop but too in this Christmas holidays the setting up decorations. I changed thedisplay of articles.

My assessment:

I got a better knowledge of sale and logistics and a more self confidence and I become more skilled. I learned to function a franchiseand I improved my experience beside the contact with customers. I felt like I was part of the staff because I had responsibilities (sale, command the articles, merchandising). I feltuseful because I worked like the personal.
But my tutor was demanding: fold clothes, the function of shop, and the management. She would teach me the profession at best for myfuture.
I would recommend Phildar to another student because it is very interesting, motivating training period.


Finally my objective was hit; keep the shop alonelike personal in formation.
That this she propose to work in the shop for the vacancies but I refuse because I had already one job.

Here are two photography of the shop :