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Stars, clouds, water, colors, the human body and the wild world of imagination, where nothing has to be judged as right or wrong, all drew me into the free expansive world ofart. I started by observing and drawing lines, shapes and patterns in well-defined symmetrical shapes that I found remarkable in objects around me. Then I felt the need to losethe restrictive balance so I started to experiment with the way emotions could be expressed in abstract drawings, until I found my own style and obsession in the beauty of thehuman figure and face with the interplay and freedom of blending unusual colors.
Turner with his dynamic brushwork fascinated and challenged me to bring colors into my workby using oil paints after my period of drawing symmetrical forms in pencil and charcoal. However, I had to move on to find my own style and technique. In Picasso’s “The Kiss”and “Modigliani” I found freedom, through his unusual representation of the human body. He gave me more freedom of thought and technique to pursue my obsession with the humanform. It was Pollock, however, that encouraged me to experiment with the energy of chaos to bring life into a painting. This is evident in my “Children” and “Innocence” that showmy blending of chaos and emotion.
Finally it is Amadeo Modigliani’s mask-like faces and concept of the artist as being free of restrictions and expectations that inspired meto go ahead with my obsession, and become an artist with my own independent vision in “The Sisters”.
In these two years I managed to evolve my technique and artistic visionto become a budding artist with the purpose of exploring my fascination with how the human body, in different races and positions, can deeply reflect emotions and thought.