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|Australia is a very beautiful, nice and a sunny country; it is bigger than the USA. More and |
|more people come to Australia for holidays because of his wildlife very important andrich; and |
|Australia has a very old and interesting culture. They come also because the oceans enable to do|
|surfing. It is possible that you won’t be able to go somewhere because it is a sacredarea. |
|Australia was discovered in the early 1600s first by Dutch and then by Portuguese navigators. |
|If you want to have excellent holidays you must go to Australia.|


|In Australia there are more kangaroos than inhabitants: there are about 18 millions |
|Australians and 20 millions kangaroos. Australia is a paradise for them becauseof the |
|climate, the nature in general and of course the food. In Australia there are also national|
|parks like kakadu in northern territory.|
|Kangaroos are not always loved by people for example when they arrived in a village and |
|sometimes they are shoot and killed even if their beautiful and nice. |[pic]

|In Australia there is a fauna and a bloom very various and generous. 30 % of the territory is |
|occupied by desert and 5% by the rain forest. Australia’s deserts are very strange and|
|beautiful because of there big rocks standing on the sand since millions years and for again a |
|very long time. In this desert you can take very beautiful photos like this one. And if you are||a little lucky you can see the sun hiding behind the dunes … |


|If you don’t like cultural visits, museums there are very beautiful|
|and big beaches.If you like scuba diving Australia has the most |
|popular, the most beautiful, the bigger and the older great barrier|
|reef on the coast of Queensland. Australian’s fishes are very |...