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It is a country who situed to the southern hemisphere whose area covers the whole of Oceania. This country is flat over most of its surface, but there aremountains, as the Mounts MacDonnell Ranges. The largest cities are Sydney and Melbourne, its capital is Canberra. The climate is desert but there are also grasslands and savannas. The area ofAustralia is 7,686,950 (seven million six hundred and eighty-six thousand nine hundred fifty) square kilometers. The density is of 2, 6 (two point six) /inhabitants square kilometers.History:
It was colonized in 1788(one thousand seven hundred eighty eight) by the United Kingdom; they began with the founding of a prison camp at Port Jackson. Australia has had itsindependence January 26, 1901. (Twenty six one thousand nine hundred and one) The persons who lead the country are the Queen of England 2 and Governor General Quentin Bryce. It is a parliamentarymonarchy.
The population is twenty two million three hundred and sixty four thousand inhabitants. The population is predominantly white. Their origins are indigenousAustralians. The population is mainly Christian and Anglican. The official language is English.
Since the 1970s (the seventies), but especially since the 1980s (the eighties), AC /DC is one of the biggest hard rock band of the planet, they are Australian. Australia is a very famous film takes place in Australia; he played with Australian actress Nicole Kidman andactor Hugh Jackman. Errol Flynn is the largest Australian actor. Sports played in this country are cricket and rugby.
The Economy in this country is based on tourism such asSydney and the Great Barrier Reef, financial services... Resources are bauxite, gold; oil… The industry is based on agribusiness, wool... In Australia, the currency is the Australian dollar.
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