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{draw:frame} ANDRIEUX Perrine
Management year 3
AXA Group

*AXA Group global locations
My study is going to concern the group AXA. It is a French global insurance companies group headquartered in Paris.
It is a group stemming from the fusion of several insurance companies, of which the most former date of 1816.
AXA is not the name of a single company but a group of companiesindependently organized and operated according to the regulations of many different countries.
AXA ranks as the 15th biggest company in the world (based on revenue) on the 2006 Fortune Global 500 list.
Study of AXA This mutual insurance company had already begun a shy internationalization in 1955 by acquiring a Quebecois company called Provinces-Unies.
So, at the beginning of1980s, AXA, which did not still exist under this name, was not only a small mutual insurance company of French insurance realizing 160 million euro of turnover and grouping together 1850 co-workers.
The opening of AXA in the international In the second half of the 1980s, the group AXA continues its growth in France by acquiring several insurance companies.
AXA goes into the capitalof National Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1994. The second Australian insurer-life, not being able to any more face his commitments, is forced to re-capitalize. AXA re-capitalizes National Mutual and so makes its entrance to Australia, to New Zealand and to Hong-Kong.
In 1996, AXA begin its activities in Morocco by the repurchase of “Insurance Al Amane ".
In 2007, AXA increases itspresence in Switzerland with the purchase of National Switzerland Assurance (French subsidiary of national Swiss).
In 2008, AXA buys the third Mexican company ING Seguros.
AXA is the third world insurer by market capitalization, behind the American AIG and the insurer Berkshire Hathaway.
Key figures Nature of the company AXA is a limited company with a capital of 4.784.210.992,74euro (On June 30th, 2009).
In the world, AXA joins :
214 000 co-workers (employees and sole agents) among whom 36 000 in France, -more than 80 million customers in the world among which 9 millions in France,
-400 000 shareholders.
The turnover {draw:frame}
The turnover evolves in a positive way since some year. However, it is shared in a different way. Thepart of the Turnover reported thanks to the internationalization indeed increases.
In 1980, 100 % of the turnover of AXA was realized in France.
In 1990, AXA realized 27 % of its turnover thanks to international.
In 2002, AXA realized 87 % of its turnover thanks to international.
In 2008, AXA realized 70 % of its turnover thanks to international. The distribution is retailed in the planbelow.
Contribution of the regions of the world to the turnover
Market share Main shareholders :
The extansion of the group AXA Why AXA expands worldwide? The conquest of the Asian market is a perfect example of the challenges which the group raised to strengthen its internationalization.
AXA quickly developed by seizing the opportunities ofacquisition which appeared abroad, at first in the United States and in Europe, then in Asia. These played a central role in the internationalization of the group.
In spite of this wide geographical presence on all the continents, the group AXA has not for ambition to be present in all the countries. It chose to be on the most interesting markets and especially on those who present the strongestpotential of growth.
In this respect, acquisitions made in Asia confirm the place of choice of this continent in the Strategy of AXA.
The establishment in Asia was the means to strengthen the success of the internationalization of the group and to accompany in a active way the globalization of the economy.
A Strong establishment in Asia. Fast History
Singapore was the point of...