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LThe New York Times’s article.
The document that we are going to study is a press-article. It was taken in the New York Times, a daily American journal. It was written on Friday,September 24, 2010. The author of this article is unknown. There isn’t a title in this document, just the date of publication and the name of the journal. There is a little picture that we are going todescribe later. We don’t know if this article do the first page of the N.Y.T, because we just have an extract of the journal, but it isn’t very important, just half a page. The typographical characterare normal and the vocabulary is “special” because there are a lot of reference of the environment. Moreover, it’s an informative article because it talk about important fact of actuality.
Theprincipal idea of this article is the notion of Global Warming. Indeed, this article explicate the reasons of the Global Warming , the different session organize for resolve this problem and the consequenceof the Global Warming , all around the world and more precisely in the United States of America. First over, let us begin to describe the different paragraphs which composite this article. The firstparagraph is here to introduce the document and define the notion and the dangers of Global Warming. More over it explicate the cause of warming, like burning fossil fuels and forest. Also , itexplicate the economics stakes of the Global Warming. The second paragraph speak about the session of Copenhagen in December 2009. It was the “ultimatum climate” but it was a failure complete. That’s why the192 nations decide to program another session in Cancun, Mexico, in December 2010, so in two months. The third paragraph is just a sentence of transition for announce the fourth paragraph, it talkabout the discontent of people and notably the change of climate in Florida. Finally, they said, at the end of the paragraph, that “the weather extreme are getting worse”. It not of good omen. The...