Babette advertising communication

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This report has been written for the ADVERTISING AND MARKETING COMMUNICATION class. The aim of this report is to show a marketing campaign which is problematic. In a first time, I will analysed it and criticize it precisely in order to show what the bad elements of communication are. Secondly, I will compare their communication with theircompetitor. Then, I will try to say how it could be a good campaign and precisely what we have to change to turn it into a successful campaign. Finally, at the end of this report, I will explain what outcome will result of this new campaign and what are the reasons which permit that. I chose a French campaign for a famous “crème fraiche” brand: BABETTE.
1Presentation of Babette
1.1 General presentation of the campaign and the brand
1.1.1 The Brand – the Company 4
1.1.2 The advert 4
1.1.3 The slogan, translation and explication 4
1.2 Why this campaign is bad - examples
1.2.1 A relational error 5
1.2.2 A campaign ethically questionable 5
1.2.3 The campaign has not had the desired effect 5
1.3 What could be improved 62 Bad communication elements
2.1 A message which is confusing
2.1.1 Non-understanding of advertising 6
2.1.2 The woman position 6
2.2 A colour inappropriate 6
3 How the campaign is relevant
3.1 Artistic aspect
3.1.1 Creativity, originality 7
3.1.2 The character of « Babette » 7
3.1.3 “Lasting impression” 7
3.2 Comparison with it Frenchcompetitors
3.2.1 Bridélice 8
3.2.2 Elle et Vire 8
3.2.3 Others competitors 8
4 What could it be changed and how
4.1 Soften the impact of the message
4.1.1 “Passer à la casserole” 9
4.1.2 A new slogan 9
4.1.3 Different colors 9
4.2 Reconsider the place of women in advertising
4.2.1 Sexism 9
4.2.2 Why not a man? 10
5 Result of the newcampaign
5.1 Outcome envisaged
5.1.1 Increase sales 10
5.1.2 Differentiate themselves from competitors 10
5.2 Reason which permit to anticipate a good reaction
5.2.1 Innovation 11
5.2.2 Change the perception of the image of women in society 11


1 Presentation of Babette
1.1 General presentation of the campaign and the brand
1.1.1 TheBrand – the Company (Candia, 2011)
Here is a presentation of the brand Babette and the group CANDIA in 2009:
 936 million turnovers.
 1.5 billion litters of milk marketed
 1254 employees in France
 French market leader in fluid milk
 Babette = 20% turnover of CANDIA (Corporama, 2011)

1.1.2 The advert

(L’Express, 2003)

1.1.3 The slogan, translation and explication
Firstly, Iam going to try explaining the slogan and give a translation in English in order to people understand:
 the slogan is « Babette, je la lie, je la fouette, et parfois elle passe à la casserole ».
 Babette is the brand but it is also a nickname for a girl.
 “je la lie”, in French means both things: “to bind” and “to tie”
 “je la fouette”, in French means both things: “to whip” and “to flog” “elle passe à la casserole” is an expression which mean that a woman has been forced to have sex with somebody (Expressio, 2011). But “casserole” means “a saucepan” and in the context it can be the crème fraiche which get into the pan…
 so there is two manner to see the slogan:
o “Babette, I bind it, I whip it and sometime, it go to the saucepan.”
o “Babette, I tie it, I flog it and sometime Iforced her to have sex.”

1.2 Why this campaign is bad - examples
1.2.1 A relational error
To start, we observe that this campaign has obviously forgotten that it was addressed to women:
 women could be chock by this advert because of it vulgarity (Cousin, 2011; TPE students, 2006)
 it is very important to be in line with its target (Porter, 2007) but it is not the case here....