Bac 2009 - serie l et s - anglais lv2 - corrigé

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1. a) buy art
b) gallery (l.1); sculptures (l.11); a lovely place to work (l.12); buy a picture (l. 13); it’s art (l.28)...
c) Gillon is (1) Sarah’s (2) granddaughter.She works in a (3) gallery. (4) Sarah has come to (5) find Gillon in order to (6) invite her for (7) dinner.
2. a) Gillon lives in Society Street. It is a « bohemian » neighborhood.
b) It isbohemian, it’s cheap, and she needs her independence.
3. a) She is single.
b) « You won’t have a shred of independence, my girl, until you marry » (l.42).
4. Gillon is self-restrained: «Gillon bit her lip » (l.38)
Gillon is affectionate: « Gillon came forward to kiss her cheek » (l.6)
Gillon is meticulous: « I just waxed the floor. [...] Cleaned every picture » (l.7-10)
5.« She wore a powder blue linen two-piece and pearls » (l. 4-5)
« where she stayed, firmly, at the Waldorf Astoria » (l.15)
« Sarah put out a trimly manicured small hand » (l.25)
«Miss Minda is making chicken enchiladas » (l.56)
6. Sarah’s values are traditional.
7. a) l. 17: « Tourists »; l.23: « Sculptures, Grandmama »; l. 37: « your present residence »/ « SocietyStreet »
b) Sarah is very conservative (she doesn’t like tourists, who are probably of a lower class than her; she doesn’t approve of ‘obscene’ art and she thinks her granddaughter shouldn’t beliving in a ‘bohemian’ neighborhood). She criticizes a lot of things. She upholds her values.
8. a) “sculptures” – “ female deities” – “art”
b) “Hallowe’en goblins” – “obscenity”
c) Sarahand Gillon have opposite, antagonistic points of view about art. Gillon is open, whereas her grandmother upholds traditional views and thinks primitive art is obscene.
9. a) “He” refers to Henry, a“charming English friend” of Gillon’s.
b) Henry is a young English man. He’s a photographer and he is in South Carolina to take pictures of the Lowcountry.
10. a) “perfectly charming”...