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Tony: Good morning!
Mr Cushman: Good morning! Why are you going to see me now?
Tony: If I am here, it’s to talk about Christopher Columbus and your lesson to my son.
Mr Cushman: I’msurprised, but I’m ready to talk about that this you.
Tony: I disagree with you. More precisely with your point of view on Christopher Columbus, because I think that, in fact, hewasn’t a slave-trader.
Mr Cushman: But yes! It’s obvious; Christopher Columbus was a slave-trader, it’s true. And it’s not my point of view, but it’s the historical point of view.
Tony: Whocares? Fuck history. You say that, because you are American, I’m Italian, and I must tell the truth of my son.
Mr Cushman: No! I say that because Christopher Columbus was responsiblefor the deaths of many people. Shit, it was a genocide.
Tony: I’m very choked of your remarks, and I refuse to talk with you because are an idiot. He killed the savages and you sayit’s a genocide? I must defend Columbus Day, Christopher Columbus discovered America, and he is a hero.
Mr Cushman: I just want to teach the true of your son. Maybe, we disagree, but for meand for the historians, America was discovered by the Vikings and Christopher Columbus was and will remain a slave-trader. Bye Mr Soprano!
Tony: Yes of course, you are a worst teacherwhen I have ever seen!!! Bye, I hope I will never see you again.

Chanteloup les Vignes possède deux complexes sportifs (gymnases).
Le club de foot l'USCV a vu débuter dejeunes joueurs aujourd'hui pro dont Houssin Kharja (Sienne et sélection du Maroc) ou encore Mounir Obbadi (passé par le PSG et international marocain) c'est donc là un vivié de talentset d'espoirs, d'autant pus que certains jeunes espoirs sont des valeurs montantes de la planète football (Mouslihe.M ; Samirdine.S ; Saifoudine.S ; Sabri.B ou encore Adama.L)
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