Bac anglai. correction mary ann singleton

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Corrigé bac 2010 : Anglais LV1 Série S – Pondichéry

Ces éléments de correction n’ont qu’une valeur indicative. Ils ne peuvent en aucun cas engager la responsabilité des autorités académiques,chaque jury est souverain.

ANGLAIS Langue vivante 1 Séries ES et S
Durée : 3 heures Coefficient 3

L’usage des calculatrices et de tout dictionnaire est interdit.Compréhension écrite : 10 points Expression : 10 points

Armistead MAUPIN, Tales of the City, (1978)

Corrigé Bac 2010 – Série S – LV1 Anglais – Pondichéry

Correction etbarème

1. The location The scene takes place in the USA. Find in the text the American-English equivalents of the following words: • holiday => vacation • wardrobe => closet • shopping centre =>mall • flat => apartment • film => movie 5 points 2. The Main character a. Write a sentence about the main character (name, age, job, hometown) (20 words) The main character called Mary Ann Singletonis a twenty-five year old secretary from Cleveland. 5 points b. In Which city is she and why? She is on a week’s holiday in San Francisco

5 points

c. What is the relationship between the maincharacter and Mr. Lassiter? Mr. Lassiter is Mary Ann’s boss 2 points d. Is she appreciated by him? Justify by quoting from the text. Yes she is. “the office was just falling apart with you gone” line25-26 Or, “they don’t get many good secretaries at Lassiter Fertilizers” line 26 5 points e. What favor does she want her mother to do for her? She phones her mother to ask her to call her boss andannounce she won’t come to work the following Monday. 15 points

3. The Mother a. Choose four adjectives from the following list and use them in a short paragraph to describe the mother’s personality.(50 words) Loving / over-protective / bossy / narrow-minded / indifferent / apprehensive / over-imaginative / interfering / down-to-earth / rational The mother is very loving as she keeps addressing...