Bac anglais lv1 2009

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Session 2009


ANGLAIS Langue vivante

Série L



Coefficient 4

L'usage du dictionnaire et des calculatrices est interdit.

Compréhension Expression

14 points


6 points

Le sujet comporte 3 pages numérotéqs 1/3 à 3/3.









Salim comes running through the door andcollapses face down on the bed. l am alarmed. "Saliml ... Salim!" I shout. "What's happened to you? How come vou are back so early?" lturn him on his back. He is laughing. "ïhe most amazing thing has happened today. This is the happiest day of my tife," he oectarcs. "What is it? Have you won the lottery?" "No. Something even better than winning the lottery. I have seen Armaan Ali." Bit bybreathless bit, the whote story comes out. How Salim caught a glimpse ofArmaan Ali while doing his daily round in Ghatkopar. The star was atightjng ffom his Mercedes-Benz to enter a five-star hotel. Salim was travelling on a bus to deliver his last tiffin1 box to a customer. Ihe moment he spotted Afmaan, he jurnped down from the speeding vehiclê, nanowly mjssing being run down by a car, and ran toward theactor, who was passing through the hotel,s revolving door. He was sto-pp€d by the tall, strapping uniformed guard and prevented from entering thJ hotel. "Armaanl" Salim called, trying desperately to catch the star's attentjon. Armaan heàrd the crv. stopped in his tfacks, and turned around. His eyes made contact with Sali.n,s. He oave a fai;t smile, a barely perceptible nod of acknowledgement, andcontinued walking into the ioUOy. Suti, iorgot all about the tiffin and came racing home to give me the news of his dream having come true. A customer of Gawli Tiffin Carriers went hungry that afternoon. "Does Armaan look different from the way he appears onscreen?" I ask. "No. He is even better in real ljfe," says Salim. 'He is taller and more handsome. My ambition in life is to shake hjs hand,at least once. I probably won't wâsh it for a month after that.,, I reflect on how good it is to have simple, uncomplicated ambitions. Like shaking a Iilm star's hand. [...] "Your ambition is to shake Armaan's hand,' lsay to Salim. "But what do you think is Armaan's ambition in life? He seems to have it all-Tace. fame. and fortune." "You are wrong," Salim replies solemnly. "He does not haveUrvashi." The paperc are full of the Armaan-Urvashi breakup, after a whirlwind romance lasting nine months. There is speculation that Armaan is completely heartbroken. That he has stopped eâting and drinking. Thai he might be suicidal. Urvashi Randhawa has returned to her modelling career. I see Salim crying. His eyes are red and wet with tears. He has not eaten all day. The heartshaped glass framecontaining a picture of Afmaan and Urvashi, on which he had spent almost half his meager salary, lies on the ground, shattered into a hundred pieces. "Look, Salim, you are being childish. There is nothing you can do about it,'ltell him. "lf only I could meet Armaan. I want to comfort him. To hold his hand and let him crv on mv shoulder. They say crying makes the heart lighter." 'And what good \,villthat do? Urvashiwill not come back to Armaan." Suddenly Salim looks up. "Do you think I could speak to her? Maybe I could persuade her to come back to Armaan. Tell her that it was all a mistake. Tell her how sad and contrite he is." I shake my head. I don't want Salim trampling all over Mumbaiz looking for Urvashi Randhawa. "lt's not a good idea to poke your nose into other people's affai.s, ormake other people's troubles your own, Salim. Armaan AIi is a mature man. He will deal with his troubles in his "At least I will send him a gift," says Salim. He goes and buys a large bottle of Fevicol glue and sets about sticking the shattered pieces of the heart-shaped frame back together again. lt takes him a week, but finally the heart is whole, a grid of crisscrossing black streaks the only...