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we studied a text which name is Mister Jonas. The scene takes place in a small welsh mining town in the early twenties. In this text there are fivecharacters : mister Jonas, mister Gruffid, mister Tyser, Davy and Morgan. Morgan is the narrator, and a pupil. Mister Jonas is the teacher.

The text is aboutMorgan's first day at school. His teacher mister Jonas was very unpleasant, he took an instant dislike to him.

Mr Jonas's hair is fair turning red.Then we learnt the meaning of some words.
The equivalent of dirty in the text is filthy. It refers to something which is not clean.
Dreadful means verydirty
Knowledge is what you know
Quadratic equation : In an equation you have known elements and unknown elements, you have to find the unknown elements.
Todrill means to make pupils work, to give a lot of exercice, to make pupil repeat and repeat.
The word scholar has 3 meanings : that can be a pupil or avery well read person or a pupil who has got scholarship.

Later, we made sentences with words of the text
You need an handkerchief or a kleenex to blowyour nose.
When she marks our tests the teacher uses red ink
In a class room there is a lot of dust because of chalk

After that, we studied theequivalent of english words in french.
Bend means « s'agenouiller » For example You can bend the knee out of respect. But bend means too « abimer » For examplethe teacher threw the book down and bent its corners.

A slap means «  une claque », to duck means « esquiver » and to presume means «  se permettre »