Balanced eating

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Our body needs nutrients for survival .The most important party of our energy come from carbohydrate but we also need protein and lipid .

This nutrients come from our feeding.We find proteins in meat fish and eggs…They participate in daily renewal of skin , nails , hair and muscule tissue .

We find lipid ina butter and other fat product.

And finaly we findcarbohydrate in anyone food like fruit, bread, rice, potatoes, and lentils .

Some food become unhealthy if we eat its every day

Junk food
Junk food is pejorative noundesignating an unhealthy food. .This food contains excess fat and sugar for instance, buerger,chips,sodas ,pizzas … All this kind of foods find its in fast food restaurants.

In fact thistype of food is very delicious, it's the goodtaste of this food which prompts us to eat again.
If you don't control ourself , if you always go in fast food restaurants,or you always eat fatand sugary food .We put our health at risk .

For example :
you can become overweight
you can become diabetic
you can have high cholesterol
and all this things cause ;

Balanced eating

Our body needs foods but the excess calories may be harmful or even fatal for our body and ous health . So it's necessary to eat well to keep fit and health .To eat well you have to vary your meals, and all category food must be represented, here are the ten commands to eat well .YOU SHOULD TO :

1.Eat at least 5 fruiot ang vegetables ab day.
2.Take 3 dairy product or 4 for children, teenager, and old person .
3.Eat stachy food during each meal.
4.Eat meats, fish,and eggs once or twince a day .
5.Limit fat consumption .6.Consume with moderation sugary product .
7.Limit salt consumption
8.drink plenty water
9.avoid to nibble physical activity durind 30 minutes; such as brisk walking