Ban of smoking in public places

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My presentation deals with the ban of smoking in public places in France.

In France, a decree had been voted since November 16, 2006. It divided the implementation of the ban in 2 stages.
FromFebruary 1, 2007, it came into effects in the establishments such as companies, work places, schools and hospitals. Then from January 1, 2008, this ban was extended to more “friendly” places, such aspubs, hotels, casinos and nightclubs...
Now, I’ll show the mains arguments for and against the law; and I’ll finish giving you my opinion on the matter.

The main reasons evoked when we talk aboutthe ban of smoking in public places are the discomfort caused by the smoke and the smell.
And another very important reason is the passive addiction to smoke caused by the smokers in enclosed areas.This last one can cause minor illnesses but also graver diseases to non-smokers subjects. So, we can deduce that the ban can be good for health.
Then, it could be considered as an effective way toprevent heart diseases and to protect the children and their health from the smoke of cigarette.
And finally it is also a way to encourage smokers to quit (stopping smoking).

But there are alsoarguments against this law. The first is the loss of turnover of bars & tobacconists, where a lot of costumers went to have a coffee at the same time as their cigarette. The famous “coffee-fag” is notallowed anymore & a lot of costumers do not come in those places less friendly than before.
Moreover, the obligation to go outside to have a cigarette dissuades people. And some smokers consider thislaw as an infringement on their freedom, because they are forbidden to smoke.

As a smoker, I am mainly against this law, however I can understand that some people can be disturb by the smoke or bythe smell of a cigarette.
But I think that some public places should be able to choose to be a place either smoker or non smoker, and thus have costumers which can choose

To conclude, we can say...