Bartleby the scrivener

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Bartleby the scrivener

The first part of the story talks about the 3 employe of the narrator, then the narator speaks about him. So he is self involved (the narator) very possecive approch of hislife, the story is about himself.
Rq :Advent is a religious term, the advent of christ.

1- The other caracters :

Nippers (=pincette), Third & Ginger nut (=gingembre), they are dihumenazingnicknames.
Nicknames areusualy given because they reveal caracter personnality, but here we don't know who they are ... No correspondance between the nicknames & the caracters. We are in a postlapsarian (=après la chute) society were the link between words are forgiven, disturbs.
Lit is always fake, not about life all the discution we use to have is not the point since it's lit. we should notbe concerne about life ... ^^
By the windows of the office we could only see wall ... No street no life only wall ! Ironical references.

2- Bartleby :

Bartleby doesn't work with the othercaracter but near the boss cause he is a very silence men. He is isolate, pervers organization by the boss, he wants to keep him in an easy col but he doesn't want tosee him. A link with god you could seehim but only heard him ^^ The narator wants to be heard but not seen ...

Bartleby : How could we cut the name ?

Bar( barre de division not bar : pub!)/ Art/ By/ Tle : tall, tell, tale --> Atale about bar, isolation . You have an allitaration in B that is like a stutter (= bredoullement dans la langue). No connection with life or meaning.
he is both weeck and strong.
nb, the story startby "I AM" and comes in the story on body only page 5.
He is a scrivener, taht consisit on writing. bartleby could be seen as a failure (cause he'll die) ans both as a victim he is a cyclothymiapersonne. ( vagrant = sans abri, mendiant )

The story can be read as a canabalistic parobol from page 5-8. of course life is opposed to death. after coming in this office bartleby worked in a death...