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Narrow Phonetic Transcription English Phonetics and Phonology II
Excerpt from a BBC radio interview with Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter)(orthographic transcription)

Yeah, we kind of officially start filming in June or July sometime, sorry…, but we're kind of doing, like,little bits of pre-production at the moment. It's great, it's really exciting. It's going to be great. It's been... I don't think you'll bedisappointed. It's really, really... it's... I've seen the film twice now, the full, finished version, and it's really, really amazing.It's really sophisticated, it's brilliant. It's really... it's quite scary, in parts, but I mean... I knew what was coming, I still jumped. Ithink it has something to do just with the style of it, but, the books are so different in themselves, I mean, the third book is a hugehuge jump from the second. The book is a huge jump from the second, so I think it's kind of - it's just natural that it's going to be a reallydifferent film. Um... basically, Harry…, it starts off, Harry runs away from home, gets to Hogwarts, finds out that this guy, SiriusBlack, is after him, and trying to kill him. And, basically, the whole film is centred around Sirius Black tracking down Harry. But, there's atwist at the end, which I know most people know, but, just for the minority of the people that haven't, I'm just not going to say.
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