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Le Dadaïsme

Dada is an artistic, intellectual and literary born February 5, 1916. Its creation comes from a gathering in Switzerland,artists come from everywhere to say no to war. The name comes from Dada chance. It is said that joining would open a dictionary and came across this wordwould be. In the great artists who have marked this movement, we can identify Marcel Duchamp, Andre Breton, Max Ernst, Raoul Hausmann, FrancisPicabia, Sophie Taeuber-Arp or Man Ray. The spirit of Dada is provocative. He invented the idea of the work of ephemeral art. The size must be spectacular.This is not an object but a set of things that are being installed in a space. The Work is often accompanied by a text, words. With them, the work shallnot deliver any message, it makes no sense. The Work "self-generating. The artists of this movement are willing to shock us. One of the best knownworks is undoubtedly Fountain by Marcel Duchamp created in 1917. It is a work that poses a question "what is a work of art?" In this movement, womenartists are accepted as full and as colleagues rather than as "objects of sublimation in art."The artistic movement would later unleash the passions but alsocriticism. In France, since 1920, runs out of steam Dada, André Breton found that "Dada in circles. Thus, the movement found its end to 1920-1921. Butwe can say that this movement has left a lasting impression and will remain one of the major movements of the twentieth century.

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