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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
“Demi and Ashton Association”

My choice to put in front of the engaged personalities was made on the Americancouple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher who come in 2010 to create their foundation: "Demi and Ashton Association" which makes sensitive the public inthe problems of sexual abuses on the children, that is on the childish prostitution but this association also helps the victims to reconstruct.Demi Moore is an actress and producer of American cinema, she has chooses thanks to the help of her husband to create their association for thechildren in needs which have no easy childhood because of event diverse, because she too had a difficult childhood. She is the girl of an alreadydivorced couple when she is born. She is thus brought up by her mother and his beautiful father, they drink, quarrel, and move without stops.Finally, his beautiful father will commit suicide. A childhood very hard for her, it thus has to decide to help the children who have a not easy youthas lived her.
Her husband is also as his wife, an actor and a American producer.
I chose this foundation because her purpose which is to helpthe mistreated children, it is a topical subject, because we attend even nowadays violence to the children, of the childish prostitution... What isin the modern society a shame, this glamorous couple through their foundation allows that it is limited, and to see even why not abolished.