Bio de j.k rowling

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The biography of J.K. Rowling
Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born the 31st July 1965 in Chipping Sodbury, next to Bristol in England. Joanne Rowlingwrote her first story when she was six years old. In the second school, she told to her friends imagined stories and her favorite subject was English. After tofinish her school studies, she want to go to the University of Oxford but she can’t because her school wasn’t very renowned. So she studies in theUniversity of Exeter and in Paris. She was qualified in French language and literature. She worked in London in the International Amnesty and she teached French.In 1993, she began to write the Harry Potter’s adventures. Meanwhile, Joanne was going to Portugal to teach. She married with a Portuguese journalist the16th October 1992 and she had a baby, Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes the 27th July 1993. A few months after, the couple got a divorce in 1995 and she livedin Edinburgh. She was in a precarious situation. She wrote his book during six months. She showed his book to a sales representative and he found her apublisher.
The first volume of Harry Potter was an enormous success. It was translated in 30 languages and was sold by 20 millions copies in 18 months.The six first volumes was sold by 325 millions copies and J.K. Rowling began rich (her fortune was estimated by 810 millions of euro) and she is richer thanthe Queen of England!
Finally, she marries with a doctor the 26th December 2001 and she has a son the 23rd March 2003 then a daughter the 23rd January 2005.