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Early lifeB.o.B was born Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. on November 15, 1988 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Less than a month later, his family moved to Decatur, Georgia. In elementary school through high school, where he played the trumpet in his school band.[4][5] Although his parents wanted him to continue his education, Simmons decided in sixth grade that he wanted to pursue a music career.[6] Hisfather, a pastor, disapproved of his son's choices until he realized that Simmons was using music as a form of therapy and a creative outlet. Simmons later reflected on his experience, saying, "They’ve always supported me. They got my first keyboard to make beats on and they helped me out getting equipment here and there. But it was kind of hard for them to really understand what I was reallytrying to accomplish."[6] B.o.B went to Columbia High School in Decatur, GA.

Music careerEarly careerB.o.B first began to gain major recognition at the start of 2007. An underground single, "Haterz Everywhere," featuring Wes Fif, gained the rapper recognition and peaked at #5 on the U.S. Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles.[7] A remix featuring Young Dre was featured in the video game FightNight Round 4. Another single, "I'll Be In the Sky," was released in late 2008 reached #115 on the follow chart. called the song a "smart, funky artrap and a strong prelude to his album" and included it at #13 on its subjective ranking "Top 100 Rap Songs of 2008." This was followed by another single called "Don't Let Me Fall" which was more of an R&B song than the usual rap.[8] He wasalso featured on T.I.'s album Paper Trail on the song "On Top of the World." Incidentally, another song produced by Bobby Ray called "Generation Lost" listed alongside the song on the ranking at #32.

B.o.B performing in Atlanta in 2008.The same year, he appeared on the cover of XXL magazine along with Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, and Wale as "Hip-Hop's Class of '09".[9][10][11] In October2008, B.o.B was featured on the cover of Vibe along with some of these same young musicians and was similarly identified as promising young talent.[12][13] He has described his influences as "80's music, rap, techno, rock, funk, even doo-wop...".[14] B.o.B has also worked with artists such as British rapper Giggs. Along with his solo producing career, B.o.B is part of a production/rap group calledHamSquad, along with Playboy Tre, TJ Chapman, and B. Rich.[6]

2009–2010: The Adventures of Bobby RayHis debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, was originally expected to be released on May 25, 2010, but was advanced to April 27, 2010 due to the commercial success of his song "Nothin' on You", featuring Bruno Mars. The album was released under T.I.'s record label Grand Hustle and includesfeatures from Lupe Fiasco, T.I., Playboy Tre, Hayley Williams, Rivers Cuomo, Rico Barrino, Eminem, Janelle Monáe, Bruno Mars, and Young Dro.

Three other singles followed: "Don't Let Me Fall" (released April 6, 2010), "Airplanes" (April 13, 2010; featuring Hayley Williams), and "Bet I" (April 20, 2010; featuring T.I. and Playboy Tre). A video for "Bet I" has been released on Atlantic Videos onYouTube. The album was released April 27, 2010 and was given generally positive reviews. His album sold 84,000 copies in the first week and debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. It made B.o.B the 13th male solo artist to have a debut album at #1 in it's first week. In July, B.o.B announced he will go on tour, naming it The SHOOTiN for Stars Tour. The dates and times were released on his website on July13.[15] B.o.B has received nominations for his album, singles, and himself by the BET Awards, Teen Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and the new Suckerfree Summit. "Airplanes" was featured in the trailer for the upcoming movie Charlie St. Cloud and "Magic" also landed him an Adidas commercial with him in it. B.o.B was announced to be a performer at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on August 18....