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Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer and navigator of the sixteenth century.
He was born in 1480 into a family of middle class (little gentry).
He first worked atthe court of Portugal and is interested in weapons.
In 1505 he set sail to India, it was during this trip he discovered a passion for the sea.
He hopes to arrive on theSpice Islands (very popular at that time).
It involved a year later, travel Browser Alfonso de Albuquerque.

That in 1510 he was appointed captain and went to India andMalacca. But two years later (in 1512), a conflict arises between Magellan and the authorities and he was forced to return to his homeland.
In 1513, he was sent to Morocco wherehe will be severely injured and lose favor with the court. It then aims to discover a new route to India but his project is also rejected by the king.

He decides to go toSpain where he offers his services to the King of Spain.
For reasons of legitimacy, Magellan should explore this route to the Spice Islands (Indonasia).
He left Spain in1519 (20 September) with five ships and a crew of several hundred men.
Having returned to sea after some incidents, the browser finally reached a strait to the ocean from westto whom he gave his name.

After more than a month, November 28, 1520, the expedition finally arrived in the ocean. Surprised by the extreme tranquility of its waters,Magellan gave him the name "Pacific". March 16, he discovered the Philippines, and Cebu, where he stopped.
Taking up arms, Magellan then embarks on a battle that he does notcome out alive.

His journey actually confirms that the earth is beautiful and well rounded. It will also contribute to increased trade between America and East Asia.